Grownups Poem

A cute reminder for all adults.

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  • Ice Painting
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    Ok so this one was SUPER easy but requires a little planning ahead. Today G did ice painting! It was so fun and super simple!

  • Pregnancy at my best
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    I have to admit something, I hate being pregnant, point blank. I am grateful for it, but between us, honestly I don't enjoy it. I don't enjoy being huge, people touching me or basically everything else that comes along with it. I had a women come out of the Target bathroom stall and directly come over to me and start touching my stomach, why? Why would you do that to me, you’re a stranger and you didn't even wash your hands!?!

  • Mop Brush Fun
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    So for my stay-at-home mom self, I'm always trying to come up with low prep, fun activities to keep G happy and stimulated. We love, love, love art projects

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