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Use one of these sheets for your students to record their homework on.  Homework sheets are organized for Monday through Friday assignments.

Help children draw a teddy, duck, or dinosaur with these worksheets!

This simple form lets students record their behavior by drawing the mouth on the face that matches their behavior (smile = good, straight line = needed reminder, frown = not acceptable).  Can be used multiple times in one day by specifying the activity above each set of faces.

Use this form to report an injury to the child's parents.  Parents need to sign and return.

Download the lesson plan and patterns needed to create this jungle mobile.

Animals include a tiger, toucan, monkey, and elephant, but more can easily be added!

Use this report card to share with parents how their child is performing in Kindergarten.

Categories include social-emotional, intellectual, and physical development.

A great way for students or teachers to keep track of which centers students choose.  (Students should avoid repeating centers unless they have rotated through every center.)

See if your students can correctly identify if the snowman is on the left or right of each picture on this worksheet.

Use this if you need a library pass.

Determine a child's literacy skills with this two-page form.

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