Print and cut out to make digraph manipulatives.  One file includes consonants and vowels; the other is blank so you can make your own.

Students draw Frosty on each page according to the directional words given.

Directional words include between, in the middle, beside, over, on, below, and in.

A little fun for little Eagles fans!  Can be used for a descriptive writing assignment.

Use this form to observe and record a child's behavior and interactions with others in any setting.

Invite parents to celebrate the end of the year with these handy invitations!  A great way to make the end of the year memorable!

Need to let parents know that their child needs extra help?  Use this form to provide polite suggestions!

Use these farm pictures to enhance any lesson, activity, or bulletin board!  Supplement farm pictures using items from the "Animal Pictures" item (link below under related items).

This can be used a variety of ways.  Use it as counting practice.  Or fine motor practice (feed the monster with

Allow students to reflect on their field trip!  Students describe what they enjoyed, did not like, and list their suggestions.  They can also rate how appropriate and enjoyable the trip was, the travel time, and lunch, on a scale of 1-5 (5 = highest).

Send this form home to parents to inform them of an upcoming field trip.

Parents sign and return the bottom portion and keep the top portion at home as a reminder.

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