Use these farm pictures to enhance any lesson, activity, or bulletin board!  Supplement farm pictures using items from the "Animal Pictures" item (link below under related items).

This can be used a variety of ways.  Use it as counting practice.  Or fine motor practice (feed the monster with

Allow students to reflect on their field trip!  Students describe what they enjoyed, did not like, and list their suggestions.  They can also rate how appropriate and enjoyable the trip was, the travel time, and lunch, on a scale of 1-5 (5 = highest).

Send this form home to parents to inform them of an upcoming field trip.

Parents sign and return the bottom portion and keep the top portion at home as a reminder.

This checklist is organized by fine and gross motor skills, beginning with simple tasks and progressing to more complex skills.  For children ages three to five.

Help the bee find the nectar in the center of the flower!

Challenge your students to follow the balloon strings to see which balloon each clown is holding.

Follow up reading the Gingerbread Man with these activities!  Have students color their own gingerbread house and get crafty decorating their own Gingerbread Man!

Eight blank reward coupons on one page lets you fill in the reward your students earn.

Don't have hall passes for your class?  Now you do!