This wordless book lets children get creative in making up the story based on the pictures.

Children can color and cut out the pictures to make a book.

Published in Language Arts

This book about a snowman gives students the opportunity to practice reading common words such as this, is, a, for, and the.

Published in Reading

This book lets students practice reading and writing the words my and can.

Published in Reading

Use this book and follow up writing activity to practice the sight words it and did.

Published in Reading

Help students become confident readers with this book that reviews the sight words I and see.

To create the book, make copies double-sided.  Then cut horizontally on the dotted lines.  Put pages in order, then staple.

(Book assembly guide is available to download as well.)

Published in Reading

This fascinating book about desert animals includes text with blank lines for students to fill in the missing letters.

Animals include the rattlesnake, javelina, coyote, black widow, desert tortoise, fennec fox, gila monster, jerboa, pupfish, camel, scorpion, roadrunner, and vulture.

Published in Science

Introduce students to another culture and language with this book.

Practice counting and writing number words one through twelve.

Published in Math

Make a simple book about bats OR have students make the bats (using the activity download) and glue the pages from the book!

Published in Science

Review counting and writing numbers and number words (one through ten) with this book.

Arctic animals include reindeer, polar bears, foxes, narwhals, walruses, seals, oxen, moose, orcas, and owls.

Published in Math

This four-page book summarizes the ways animals survive during winter. 

Cut around the edge of the pages and fold on the dotted lines!

Published in Science
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