A Book About Me

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A Book About Me

Let students fill in the blanks and draw the pictures (or get pictures from home) for this cute book chronicalling their life.

Makes a great keepsake as children grow up!  Or make one yourself so students can learn more about you!

Pages include space for pictures or drawings.  Here's the text from each page:

  • Once I was a tiny baby.
  • This is what I look like now.
  • I go to ____________ School.
  • My teacher's name is ____________.
  • This is where I live.
  • This is my family.
  • This is my pet or the pet I wish I had.
  • My favorite food is ____________.
  • These are my favorite toys.
  • My favorite color is ____________.
  • These are my handprints.
  • This is my shoeprint.
  • When I grow up, I want to ____________.

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