The Boy Who Grew Flowers

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The Boy Who Grew Flowers

by Jen Wojtowicz
A touching story, beautifully illustrated, that teaches young readers the splendor of being different and the importance of being kind.

Introduce the book and tell the children a little bit about it. Follow with a comment or question that is
related to the story such as, What makes you special and unique? Encourage a discussion so the
children can comment, ask questions, and express their feelings. Set the stage for listening by asking
an “I wonder” statement based on the cover illustration.
• I wonder where the boy is taking those flowers?
Encourage the children to comment on the illustrations, ask questions, and predict what
will happen next in the story. Children gain confidence and a sense of achievement
through being able to correctly predict how a story will end. Point out “rare words” (e.g.,
those words that are not commonly used in every day conversation) and help the
children relate the meaning in a way that makes sense to them.
Rare Words in The Boy Who Grew Flowers
• hotbed: the center of activity
• exotic: strikingly different
• tame: no longer wild
• shape-shifters: someone able to change form
• sprouted: to develop buds or shoots
• rumors: a statement without facts
• luminous: light-emitting, bright
• forthright: outspoken, simple and direct in speech
• hissed: a “s” sound to show a negative opinion of something
• rattled: to make somebody lose composure
• wistful: pensive and sad
• marveled: something that inspires awe, amazement or admiration
• tumbledown: ruined and falling down
• mule: a backless slipper or shoe
• saddle: a seat for riding an animal
• fancy: ornately decorated
• tango: a dance of Latin American origin

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