Life Cycle of a Butterfly Sequencing

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly Sequencing

Have fun reviewing the life cycle of a butterfly with this sequencing game!  

Can be played (at least) three different ways...  Use one set of life cycle cards and one sequence strip per person.


1 - Single player - Match the card to the right number in the sequencing strip.


2 - Multi-player - Turn all of the sequencing cards upside down (like Memory).  Take turns flipping one card at a time and try to be the first to fill in your sequencing strip!


3 - Single or multi-player - Set up the number spinner (using a pencil and a paperclip).  

Take turns spinning.  If you spin a 1, take the egg picture for your sequence strip (2-larva, 3-chyrsalis, 4-butterly).  To win, fill your sequencing strip all four life cycle cards in the right order.



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