Speech Articulation Timeline and Cue System

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Speech Articulation Timeline and Cue System

If your child is 3-5 and has trouble pronouncing words starting with these letters...

  • R (race car)
  • L (lunch)
  • Th (think)

it is okay!! It's developmentally appropriate and no help with speech is needed.




For 3 to early 4 year olds, if they have trouble pronouncing:

  • P
  • G
  • T
  • D
  • N
  • W
  • K
  • G

they need extra help with these sounds. Contact your local speech center.


For children ages 4-7, pronouncing any of these beginning sounds:

  • S (sun)
  • Z (zipper)
  • Sh (shell)
  • Ch (cheese)
  • J (jump)
  • F (fun)
  • V (van)

inappropriately means they need extra practice. Contact your local speech center for information.

Note: a lisp is okay, but substituting other letter sounds is not.

For example, dipper instead of zipper; dun instead of sun...


Use the cue system (download) with your child to help emphasize and remind them of these sounds to improve their articulation.

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