Lesson Plan - Homophone Help

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Lesson Plan - Homophone Help

I. Title - Homophone Help (in groups of 3 or more)

II. Skills -Vocabulary, spelling, and writing.

Ill. Objective: Using the homophone cards provided to each group, students will

choose at least 5 words from different cards and write a grammatically

correct sentence using at least one word from each card in a sentence.

IV. Directions:

A. Write a sentence on the board using a homophone incorrectly.

B. Have a student come up to the board and fix the spelling.

C. Review what homophones are orally. (Two or more words that are

pronounced the same way but differ in meaning or spelling or both.)

D. Create groups with at least 3 students in each group.

E. Explain the guidelines for the activity/game:

V. Adaptations:

1. Students pick at least 5 words from their given cards.

2. They will write at least 5 sentences (one card per sentence).

3. Students get one point each for each homophone used from a

card (ex: the words on a card are 'week' and 'weak' - a possible

2-point sentence would be, 'I felt really weak this week.')

4. At the end of the allotted time, students will total their points and

determine a winner from each group. Candy will be given to

each student, according to the number of points they earned.

A. This activity can be modified by using different homophones that are ageappropriate (ex: descent I dissent, for higher grade levels).

B. The number or words used or sentences written can be increased or decreased, depending upon the desired level of difficulty.

C. Homophones can be explored in a larger group setting for younger children, especially if they are unfamiliar with the words.

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