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  • The Snowman Book
    The Snowman Book

    This book about a snowman gives students the opportunity to practice reading common words such as this, is, a, for, and the.

    in Reading
  • Wonderful Winter Wear Book
    Wonderful Winter Wear Book

    This rhyming book reinforces what clothing is appropriate to wear, depending on the weather.

    in Reading
  • Valentine's Day Card
    Valentine's Day Card

    A reproducible Valentine's Day card to give to your students.

    in Holidays
  • The Mitten Activity
    The Mitten Activity

    Children color and cut out the animals from the story.  Punch holes where marked and children can use string to sew around the outside of the mitten.

    Let children take this activity home and share the story of The Mitten with their family!

    in Language Arts
  • On St. Patrick's Day Song
    On St. Patrick's Day Song

    (Tune: The Mulberry Bush)

    Let's wear green and dance a jig, dance a jig, dance a jig.
    Let's wear green and dance a jig, on St. Patrick's Day.

    All join hands and circle round, Circle round, circle round.
    All join hands and circle round, On St. Patrick's Day.

    Twirl your partner round-about, round-about, round-about.
    Twirl your partner round-about, on St. Patrick's Day.

    in Holidays
  • Character Analysis Worksheet
    Character Analysis Worksheet This character frame helps students organize and better understand a character. Book It frame includes room to expand on the character's personality traits, their role, actions, words, thoughts and feelings, problems/challenges they face, their major accomplishments, and how other characters thought and treated the character being analyzed.
    in Reading
  • Story Sequence Worksheets
    Story Sequence Worksheets Story sequencing is an important skill for students to practice. For older students, have them fill in the Book It pyramid with the beginning, middle, and end events from a story before they cut and glue to create their own pyramid. Need more detailed responses?  Have students complete the vertical…
    in Reading
  • What's Wrong in the Picture Worksheets
    What's Wrong in the Picture Worksheets This download will give you three different pictures with many hidden mistakes in them.  Good luck! The recess picture has 10 mistakes, a messy room has 15 mistakes, and a busy toy store has 20 mistakes.
    in Resources
  • Hibernating Animal Puppets
    Hibernating Animal Puppets Use these cute puppets to follow up a story about hibernating animals.  Puppets include a frog, bear, groundhog, snake, turtle, and chipmunk.
    in Science
  • Open House Sign In Sheet
    Open House Sign In Sheet This simple sheet is a great way to organize attendance at your open house.
    in Resources

Have students trace, cut, color, and glue the pieces on a separate piece of construction paper to create this cute craft!

As an additional writing activity, have students write "April showers bring May flowers!" on lined paper and attach to the bottom of the construction paper.

Download includes pattern shapes only.

Color words are written inside different leaves.  Students color in the leaves with the appropriate color.

To enforce your homework policy, fill out and send this form home with students to share with parents.

Parents then sign and return the bottom portion, stating that they read and discussed the policy with their child.

It's not only helpful to learn more about your students.  Use this form to learn more about their parents!

Parents fill out and return the bottom portion.  They can list their hobbies and profession.
Parents can volunteer to be a parent helper, make phone calls, go on field trips, supply materials, make projects at home, or list another way they can help.  Lines at the bottom allow for additional comments.

A helpful form to communicate a bullying incident with parents for both students involved.

Physical, verbal, and social/emotional bullying actions are listed, as well as space to list the action(s) taken following the incident.

These charts are great to use with young students still learning their letters and letter sounds.  The pictures are great visual reminders!

Use during Kid Writing to improve children's confidence in their abilities.