Free Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents

Organize all the important information for your class on one sheet!  Details for each student include their birthday and parent's name, home phone number, and work number.

This letter introduces students to your class.  Use the blank lines to give details about some new concepts that students will be learning, as well as space for you to identify items they may bring to class.

This is a blank checklist for parents with 21 lines to list the school supplies needed.

Use this survey in the beginning of the year to find out more about your students and their interests!

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  • Pasta Threading
    Pasta Threading

    What do you do when it's 7am, you've reheated your coffee twice already but haven't DRANK any yet, ANNNND now your child asks to "do a craft mama?”

  • Rain Painting
    Rain Painting

    IT'S RAINING AGAIN! It's been such a wet spring here in MD and I just couldn't stay inside for another second, so I took this wet, soggy opportunity to try rain painting!

  • Toddler Dot to Dot
    Toddler Dot to Dot

    G & I were doing some crafts this morning, and I had a bunch of extra office supply dot stickers out....soooo I decided to give her a fun little pre-writing activity to do with our leftover dots!

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