Free Printable Worksheets for Teachers, Parents, Tutors

Let your students be the authors and illustrators with this simple book that is all about them!

Let students fill in the blanks and draw the pictures (or get pictures from home) for this cute book chronicalling their life.

A great game for large or small groups to reinforce numbers 0-24 (and paying attention).

This simple sheet is a great way to organize attendance at your open house.

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  • Shaving Cream Clouds with Rainbow Raindrops
    Shaving Cream Clouds with Rainbow Raindrops

    So G really wanted to do a “rain craft” today, but ughhh Monday…. I didn’t feel like scraping glue off the table or scrubbing paint when we were done, so I pulled out this super simple SCIENCE idea that I’ve been saving for a while.

  • Pasta Threading
    Pasta Threading

    What do you do when it's 7am, you've reheated your coffee twice already but haven't DRANK any yet, ANNNND now your child asks to "do a craft mama?”

  • Rain Painting
    Rain Painting

    IT'S RAINING AGAIN! It's been such a wet spring here in MD and I just couldn't stay inside for another second, so I took this wet, soggy opportunity to try rain painting!

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