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  • Giving Thanks Worksheet
    Giving Thanks Worksheet

    This worksheet will help students think about who and what is important to them, as well as why they are thankful for those people and things.

    in Holidays
  • The Snowman Book
    The Snowman Book

    This book about a snowman gives students the opportunity to practice reading common words such as this, is, a, for, and the.

    in Reading
  • Happy Holidays Card
    Happy Holidays Card

    This card has a bear dressed for winter with hot chocolate and a message for your students to have a Happy Holiday!

    in Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Activities and Ideas
    Thanksgiving Activities and Ideas

    Young children will love these Thanksgiving activities!  There are songs, costume ideas, book suggestions, bulletin board ideas, and recipes for Play dough Bead Necklaces and Pumpkin Pie Dough.

    in Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Poem
    Thanksgiving Poem

    Print this page and trace or stamp children's hands on the right side.

    Let children decorate it to look like a turkey and send it home as a Thanksgiving card!

    in Holidays
  • Character Analysis Worksheet
    Character Analysis Worksheet This character frame helps students organize and better understand a character. Book It frame includes room to expand on the character's personality traits, their role, actions, words, thoughts and feelings, problems/challenges they face, their major accomplishments, and how other characters thought and treated the character being analyzed.
    in Reading
  • What's Wrong in the Picture Worksheets
    What's Wrong in the Picture Worksheets This download will give you three different pictures with many hidden mistakes in them.  Good luck! The recess picture has 10 mistakes, a messy room has 15 mistakes, and a busy toy store has 20 mistakes.
    in Resources
  • Story Sequence Worksheets
    Story Sequence Worksheets Story sequencing is an important skill for students to practice. For older students, have them fill in the Book It pyramid with the beginning, middle, and end events from a story before they cut and glue to create their own pyramid. Need more detailed responses?  Have students complete the vertical…
    in Reading
  • Open House Sign In Sheet
    Open House Sign In Sheet This simple sheet is a great way to organize attendance at your open house.
    in Resources
  • Hibernating Animal Puppets
    Hibernating Animal Puppets Use these cute puppets to follow up a story about hibernating animals.  Puppets include a frog, bear, groundhog, snake, turtle, and chipmunk.
    in Science
  • CVC Vowel Practice
    CVC Vowel Practice Vowel practice cards allow children to determine middle vowel for each picture/word (sun, dog, jet, fox, bus, ten, cat, bag). Also includes review worksheet and a word scramble.
    in Resources
  • CVC Word Mats
    CVC Word Mats Includes CVC mats for the following pictures:  sun, cat, bag, dog, ten, bus, and fox. Use the lowercase alphabet to cut apart and use with the mats (vowels are red, consonants are black). Also provides labelled pictures to help children check their work and a review worksheet to practice writing…
    in Resources
  • Certificate of Achievement
    Certificate of Achievement This blank certificate allows you to reward a student for their achievement (or behavior)... Just fill in the blanks!
    in Resources
  • Bb Practice
    Bb Practice This sheet provides a cute poem, a picture, and upper- and lower-case practice for the letter Bb.
    in Reading
  • CVC Word Practice (Apple Theme)
    CVC Word Practice (Apple Theme) This cute apple-themed mat activity gives children practice making Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words.  Cut out letter cards (and laminate) to create a hands-on activity.  Words/pictures included are: pig, sun, bat, dog, cat, bus, fox, and hat.
    in Resources

A great way to review home safety tips with your kids.

An easy way to learn and remember Spanish words!

Songs are about family members, animals, clothing items, classroom objects, parts of a face, and food.

Use this helpful handout to avoid repetitive standards. (3 pages)

Use this handy character web to analyze and provide examples of the character's personality, things and/or people that are important to the character, and any changes that happen to them.

Use this reward to reinforce positive behaviors.

A simple and effective way to have students reflect on a book.

Details include title, author, illustrator, setting, main characters, brief summary, and rating different parts of the book.