So G really wanted to do a “rain craft” today, but ughhh Monday…. I didn’t feel like scraping glue off the table or scrubbing paint when we were done, so I pulled out this super simple SCIENCE idea that I’ve been saving for a while.

What do you do when it's 7am, you've reheated your coffee twice already but haven't DRANK any yet, ANNNND now your child asks to "do a craft mama?”

IT'S RAINING AGAIN! It's been such a wet spring here in MD and I just couldn't stay inside for another second, so I took this wet, soggy opportunity to try rain painting!

G & I were doing some crafts this morning, and I had a bunch of extra office supply dot stickers out....soooo I decided to give her a fun little pre-writing activity to do with our leftover dots!

With warm, spring weather here I decided to do an outdoor craft with G to help decorate our tree and give our birds a special treat.

If you are looking for a super simple but fun St. Patrick's Day art project - HERE YOU GO!

Now that G is (almost) 3, I'm trying to stimulate her interest in learning letters!

Winter is finally here -- seriously! It was 10 degrees out this morning! Ugh! Anyway, now that I can't get G out to the playground and running around outside as often, I started prepping some games to play.

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