Tuesday, 08 December 2015 21:10

Hot Chocolate Pretend Play Box

Written by  Colleen

My love for sensory boxes is back with a new pretend play for G!

I put together a hot chocolate sensory box with a few things we had around the house and it was a total hit.

I used black beans from our sensory box supplies, some cups and a ladle from her play kitchen, and cotton balls for marshmallows!

G scooping hot chocolate

She LOVED it and scooped up cups for us to "cheers" over and over.

G enjoying the hot chocolate bin

We added a few extra cups and we talked about which cup had more and less. We also filled the purple cup and poured it into the blue cup to see which held more hot cocoa. Tons of fun pretend play and lots of great learning going on at the same time! Loved it!



Colleen is a former Kindergarten teacher and early childhood educator turned stay-at-home mommy. She's an educational consultant with Usborne Books & More and has a passion for literacy and early childhood education! She enjoys reading and spending time with her toddler, G.