Tuesday, 05 January 2016 19:51

Color Match

Written by  Colleen

Winter is finally here -- seriously! It was 10 degrees out this morning! Ugh! Anyway, now that I can't get G out to the playground and running around outside as often, I started prepping some games to play.

This morning's game was Color Match and it was super easy to prepare. Here's all you need:

  • Sheets of colored paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue)
  • A basket of toys and household items to match each color 

G enjoying the game

I gathered these in a laundry basket after I put G to bed and it took about 5 minutes. When you're ready to play, lay out each sheet of paper around the room and review each color with your toddler. I tried to spread them out so she'd really have to run between the basket and colors. Then have them choose a toy from the basket and run it to the correct color!

G running for the next item

We made clean up a fun game too. I'd name a color and G would bring back something that matched.

Here's a fun outdoor twist for warmer weather. Have your child take a nature walk to find something to match on each color (I'd use green, orange, yellow, red, brown, white, and black for an outdoor hunt.)

Another twist: For older children you can write each color on a paper or make a chart featuring each color. Then, have the child walk around the house to hunt for each color. They can draw what they find for each color.



Colleen is a former Kindergarten teacher and early childhood educator turned stay-at-home mommy. She's an educational consultant with Usborne Books & More and has a passion for literacy and early childhood education! She enjoys reading and spending time with her toddler, G.