Wednesday, 03 February 2016 20:40

Stamping Letters

Written by  Colleen

Now that G is (almost) 3, I'm trying to stimulate her interest in learning letters!

I try to encourage letter identification in play to help keep her stimulated while she's learning (think developmental play/learning - yay!) We've put foam letters in the tub, played with magnet letters, and have a few fun alphabet puzzles but I wanted to try something new.

G stamping letters

G LOVES play dough, so I decided to give her some alphabet rubber stamps to "stamp play dough" with letters. She LOVED it. I sat with her and as she chose letters and stamped, I'd name the letters and encourage her to name them too. I stamped her name for her and then stamped my name. This was such a fun way to do "letter play" and help her learn. :o)



Colleen is a former Kindergarten teacher and early childhood educator turned stay-at-home mommy. She's an educational consultant with Usborne Books & More and has a passion for literacy and early childhood education! She enjoys reading and spending time with her toddler, G.