Monday, 01 June 2015 14:16

Puzzle Hunt

Written by  Colleen

I love puzzles - they're great tool to help teach tots about shapes, problem solving, fine motor, etc. but let's face it -- puzzles don't get the attention they deserve.

This is a really easy, fun way to add an extra challenge (and sensory experience) to playing with puzzles. All you need is a tub or bowl, beans/rice/rocks (something that your child can dig through that's not too messy), and puzzles! I used these two foam puzzles from the dollar store to help G practice letters & numbers. But really, you can use any puzzle you want!

G working on puzzles     a determined G working on her puzzles


Here's a few ways you can adapt this idea:

  • Add pieces from 2 or more puzzles for an extra problem solving challenge.
  • Use magnetic letters, have child find letters to spell sight words.
  • Put colored Pom poms in the tub. Have the child hunt for the colors and sort on sheets of colored paper that match in order to practice sorting by color.
  • Put foam shapes in the tub. Have the child hunt for the shapes and sort in order to practice sorting by shape.

Kids love to dig for the puzzle pieces and the sensory experience stimulates a different part of their brains they wouldn't be using otherwise. G LOVED this activity and was so proud of her completed puzzle!

proud G with her completed puzzle



Colleen is a former Kindergarten teacher and early childhood educator turned stay-at-home mommy. She's an educational consultant with Usborne Books & More and has a passion for literacy and early childhood education! She enjoys reading and spending time with her toddler, G.