Tuesday, 02 June 2015 13:54

Being a Parent is Hard

Written by  Natasha

Being a parent is hard. I don't care what that looks like to you. That being a working parent, staying at home, single, and or having a partner… It's not easy anyway you slice it.

So here's the deal, I am so tired of reading arrogant articles online about parenting. We are all in the same boat here ok. I'm sorry, so you are telling me you hand scolloped out of clay your child's face this morning for a craft, really?!! Guess what I did, took a shower for the first time in three days and my legs are shaved, bam!

This always confuses me - ok, if we are all in the same boat, why the hell are we constantly over analyzing each other and our parenting styles? Or trying to one up the other? Guess what, what works for me and my family may not work for you and vice versa. And that is ok!

I love my children more than life itself but you know what, while I am trying to write this article an extremely annoying kid show which will remain unnamed is on in the background and it makes me want to go absolutely insane!! I realize though if my son is happy and I can get some work done, I'll deal. That being said I would love to start seeing some real stuff out there people. I want to hear funny stories about parenting. So I will start.

My first example is when I went to pick up my son the other day from preschool and was told that he whipped out his junk and peed on the tree in the middle of the play ground. I had to have a 30 minute drive home explaining to him why we only do that at home and that other people may not want to see that.

Another example. At one point I had a gentleman come up to me and tell me what a handsome little man my daughter was. The rest of the day all I could do was analyze my "manly" features and wonder if I did my daughter a disservice.

And, for the love of God, everyone please do not start reading into that. I know that is not the truth. She is a baby, it's easy to confuse genders I know. My point is I am a human with doubts, insecurities, and I have a pretty good feeling that I am not alone in that area. 

To be fair, if I am going to laugh at my kids I also have to be able to laugh at myself. One morning I woke up running around like a crazy person for my son’s 15-month appointment. When I finally got there the receptionist kindly explained to me that I had my son's appointment and age wrong. I was there a month early, I could have sworn he was already 15 months old. That was a great moment for me as a mother, but now I look back on that moment and realize… hey sweetheart that's called sleep deprivation!! 

To me parenting is like an episode of survival. If they are fed, medium happy and no one was injured at the end of the day, that was a good day. It may not be that way for you, you could have made a macaroni smiley face picture with your kids by the time you were done reading this article, and quite frankly, that's amazing to me. 

My point is parents, lets get real. It's a hard job for everyone in different ways; I'll have your back if you have mine. At the end of the day we need each other's support more than we think.

-- This being my first written article as a parent, I dedicate it to my son who made me a mother and who also thinks the coolest thing about me is that I have the same name as a hippo on a cartoon, a hippopotamus, people! Thanks buddy! If wiping your little butt and cleaning up your vomit didn't make me feel like a queen, having the same name as a cartoon hippo takes the cake for sure. But I love you!



I am originally from the Philadelphia area but now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and two children. We have chickens, dogs, a pig, my own little farm, that I hope grows someday.

I have worked with children for over 10 years. I have traveled abroad to Ahero Kenya to teach children there for a few months. I was a teacher for 2 and 4 years olds at a wonderful preschool. I then started working for a public school system working with children in the special needs area while trying to mainstream them into a class room setting by using assistive technology.

That being said I was foolish enough to think I was completely prepared for motherhood. I was so absolutely wrong!!!! These are my stories of trying to figure it all out, just like you. I hope you find you are able to relate and laugh along with me!