CVC Word Skill Sheets

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CVC Word Skill Sheets

Fill in the CVC word that matches the pictures.

Laminate for longevity.  Have children use dry erase marker or use letter tiles to fill in CVC boxes.

Pictures include:  bag, box, bib, bug, bus, can, cat, car, cop, cup, dog, bat, bed, cab, cap, fan, fox, gas, gum, hat, hen, hug, jam, jar, jug, mat, mug, mud, jar, bud, net, map, nut, lip, pan, pot, yak, wig, web, vet, tub, sun, sub, six, ten, rug, rat, cow, gun, key, ram, sad, saw, tow, tag, log, pig, pen, fan, pin.

Five pictures are on each page.

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