Silent "E" Sundaes (CVCe Activity)

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Silent "E" Sundaes (CVCe Activity)

Practice spelling and reading CVC-silent e words by assembling ice cream sundaes.

Choose three CVC scoops and place them in a bowl. Add a silent e spoon to create a CVCe word. Read the words aloud and record them on the included worksheet.

Words include: tap/tape, not/note, cap/cape, can/cane, kit/kite, cut/cute, mad/made, fin/fine, hop/hope, cub/cube, con/cone, dim/dime, car/care, hug/huge, man/mane, tub/tube, pan/pane, ton/tone, van/vane, mat/mate, hid/hide, pin/pine, sit/site.

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